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Standard Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine

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Standard Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine

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Technical Specifications

Model No SLM-100 SLM-150 SLM-200 SLM-250
Speed Range 100BPM 150BPM 200BPM 250BPM
Container Shape Round, square, rectangular and oval containers with contours
Container Type Glass, plastic and metal
Sleeve Label Material PVC, PET, OPS, & OPP
Material Thickness 0.03-0.13mm
Container Dimeters 28-125mm
Container Height 50-305mm
Sleeve Lay Flat 25-200mm
Sleeve Cut Length 38-305mm
Core Size 5″- 10″Adjustable
Full Spool Outside Diameter 500mm
Electric Supply 220V 50/60HZ 1/3PH;380V 50/60HZ 3PH
Machine Dimension 2.1×0.85x2M
*Speed Dependent on Sleeve Length and Width.
  •  Specifications are subject to change without notice, All rights are reserved.
Standard Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine
Standard shrink sleeve labeling machine is entry level labeling machine applying and shrinking for middle, full body labels and tamper evidence bands onto a variety of empty or filled round, square,rectangular, oval containers in plastic, glass and metal. This shrink sleeve label applicator machine is designed for low to moderate production rates and it is a perfect solution for industries including beverage, food, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, health and beauty, consumer goods, chemical and other manufactured goods. Each shrink sleeve labeling system comes with label applicator, shrink tunnel, steam generator and conveyor. It can be incorporated into existing line.
Shrink sleeve labels are supplied from a roll in the form of a continuous web, unlabeled containers are transported via an infeed conveyor and then metered via a rotating feedscrew. As the containers enter the shrink sleeve label equipment, the labels in web form are opened and formed into a tube by a mandrel, fed in precise registration with a printed graphic, cut in precise registration, applied to a container which is then transported via conveyor to a steam tunnel where controlled steam heat from steam generator shrinks the sleeve tightly onto the container in an enclosed steam tunnel and conform to the container. Containers then exit the shrink tunnel via a discharge conveyor.
Key Features
  • Compact design minimizes space occupation and smooth layout provides external cleaning
  •  Constructed in SUS304 ensures structural strength and superior performance
  • Infeed timing screw are made from noise-reducing and low-wear plastic
  • Simple mechanical design reduces operating complications and provide easy maintenance
  • Simple and fast change-over reduces production down-time for different container sizes
  • PLC control and touch screen HMI interface features error message and feedback information
  • Servo motor film feeding and cutting system ensures cut accuracy
  •  A four-blade cutting assembly reduces scrap, improves cut accuracy, requires minimal maintenance and extends blade life
  •  Warning sensors and lights for material shortage or machine errors allowing maximum efficiency
  •  Protect operator’s safety with physical guarding and high electrical standards
  • Available in left hand, right hand and mirror configurations
  •  Easy to corporate with existing production line or off line

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