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Water Filling Machine 14-12-5

4000-5000 Bottles per Hour Water Filling Machine

4000-5000 Bottles per Hour Water Bottle Filling Machine

  • This automatic water bottle filling machine is a fully automatic rotary filling machine for bottle water filling and non-carbonated drink filling that are packed in plastic bottles ranging from 200ml to 1500ml, which includes 14 rinse valves, 12 fill heads and 5 cap head assemblies, Speed of 4000 to 5000 bottles per hour can be achieved on this durable and dependable automatic water filling machine. Rinsing, filling and capping of bottles are integrated in one, fully automatic synchronized machine. Heavy duty base is supported by adjustable feet and is made with stainless steel sheathing secured to the tubular frame. All bottle contact parts are made of stainless steel or food grade plastic. PLC control and friendly user touch screen. Standard machine comes with 2 meters air conveyors, 4 meters exit conveyors and automatic cap elevator.
  • The rotary rinsing turret consists of individual bottle neck grippers and spray nozzles to rinse the inside of PET bottles. All contact parts are made of stainless steel or food grade plastic material. The bottle grabbers take the bottles from the inlet starwheel guaranteeing a secure grip. The bottle is turned upside down and centered above a spraying nozzle that directs a stream of rinse water into the bottle. After being rinsed, the bottle is automatically turned over to an upright position.
  • The Filler has gravity style, stainless steel fill heads that are suitable to fill thin flowable liquids in PET bottles, which can be either 2 stage filling nozzles with a fast and slow filling cycle, or single stage nozzles, Filling valves are made of stainless steel with food grade gaskets. The filling valves are secured to allow easy assembly and disassembly. Each valve is internally polished. If the bottle is not present the valve does not deliver any product.
  • The Capper consists of an internal steel structure with stainless steel casing. Fixed components include the cap hopper, cap feeder and cam actuating capping heads. The cap feeder and all contact parts are made of stainless steel or food grade plastic. The cap feeder guides the caps onto a chute for pick-up. A rotative capping turret with magnetic chuck heads applies plastic screw caps on PET bottles.
  • The sturdy base is supported by adjustable feet and is made with heavy duty carbon steel sheathing secured to the tubular frame. The base houses the motor and drive gears. It is accessible through stainless steel removable doors. The Rinser/Filler/Capper is motorized by a single AC electric motor and controlled by an inverter.
  • The electric panel contains the inverter, motor starters, PLC, and other electro-mechanical components. The inverter enables the operator to vary the rate of production to synchronize the Rinser/Riller/Capper with other packaging machines running on the same line. An Emergency Stop button is mounted on front of touch screen panel.

  • Infeed air conveyor with Blower
  • Outfeed conveyor with tabletop slat chain
  • Automatic cap elevator/feeder 


CGF 14-2-5

Output Capacity

4000-5000Bottles/Hr at 500ml volume

Nos of Rinse Valves 


Nos of Fill Heads


Nos of Cap Heads


Applicable Bottle Diameter

Φ50 mm ~Φ90 mm

Applicable Bottle Height

150 mm – 310 mm

Applicable Screw Cap Diameter

Φ25 mm ~Φ35 mm

Applicable Screw Cap Height

15 mm – 25 mm Screw Cap

Supply Voltage

220/380V 50/60HZ 3PH

Main Motor



2500 kgs(approx)

Dimension(Without Conveyor)

2400 x 1700 x 2150 mm


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