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2500BPH 3 Cavity Stretch Blow Molding Machine

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  • 2500BPH 3 Cavity Stretch Blow Molding Machine

    • Specifications
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    Technical Specifications
    Model HZ-880B
    No of Cavity 3 Cavity
    Applicable Preform Material PET
    Bottle Size  50-1500ml
    Output Capacity 2500-2800 BPH
    Power Consumption 15 KW
    Power Supply 220~380V/50~60 HZ
    Machine Dimension(L x W x H) 2.0×1.2×2.1 M
    Machine Weight 1200 kgs(approx)
    Conveyor Dimension 1.5×0.85×2.2
    Conveyor Weight 500 kgs(approx)
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    This stretch blow molding machine is a fully automatic PET stretch blow molding machine specially designed by our company, The bottle making process is done fully automatically eliminating costly labors and reducing cost of power consumption. It is best partner of bottled water filling line with capacity of 2000 to 3000 bottles per hour. Compared with semi automatic PET blow molding machine, Cost of 3 labors will be saved and power consumption will be only half by using this machine. It can produce bottles up to 1.50 liter with capacity of 2500 bottles per hour which is 3 times of semi automatic PET blowing machine and machine cost is less than 3 times.
    Automatic plastic bottle blow molding machine starts as jumble preforms are loaded into the easy to load,extra large capacity bulk hopper, An elevator moves preforms up to a gravity-based sorter, which aligns preforms on a conveyor.Preforms are then aligned and loaded onto a chute, where they are gravity-fed into the preform holders. The preforms move through the heat tunnels, where they are heated to the optimal blowing temperature prior to entering the molds. From the heaters, preforms are loaded into the custom-designed molds where four bottles are blown at a time. A pressurized liquid chiller keeps the mold temperature in a controlled range to ensure that consistently high-quality bottles are blown.The blown bottles are ejected automatically onto exit conveyor.
    •  Heavy duty construction and brand parts are used
    •  Compact design minimizes space occupation
    •  Makes your own bottles when you need them, minimizing inventory storage and  vendor delivery  problems problems
    •  Produces up to 2500 bottles an hour
    •  Handles multi-sized and shaped preforms
    •  Produces bottles of up to 1500ml
    • Easy-to-change molds reduces down-time for different container sizes
    • Easy-to-use PLC touch-screen controls

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